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Archive for April 2012

10 By 10

Ten Social Graces Every Child Needs To Know By Age Ten


Teaching…. and reinforcing…. again and again…. a few polite behaviors not only ensures your children will be desired company for their friends, but gives them great confidence in meeting new social situations with confidence.


The 10 by 10 list is very basic and easy to remember…only ten behaviors to keep up with in your busy life. You’ll add other manners as they grow, but if these ten are practiced and embedded life will be sweeter!



1. Please: Use please when asking for something, or asking someone to pass an item at the dinner table.



2. Thank You: Use thank you when receiving something…a gift, an invitation or a compliment. Be sure to thank your friend and your friend’s parents when you leave a party or after a sleep-over.


3. Excuse Me: When you bump into, or step on someone’s foot, when you walk between two people having a conversation or when you have to interrupt adults who are talking.

4. Ask Permission: To do something, or to use someone else’s property.

5. Hello and Nice to meet you: When introduced to someone say hello and respond if they ask how you are. It’s always polite to ask how they are also.



6. Ask if you can help: Practice asking if you can help at home; set the table, take out the trash or help carry in groceries. When you are visiting a friend, it’s always nice to lend a helping hand.



7. Eat and chew properly: Use your fork, knife and spoon correctly. Put your napkin in your lap. Elbows off the table. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t try to talk while you have food in your mouth.



8. Watch your words: Be kind. Don’t make fun of or tease others and don’t make comments about how a person looks. If you have a question, ask your parent privately. Compliment others.

9. Knock on closed doors: If a door is closed, knock first and wait to be invited in. Don’t open the door and walk in.



10. Give your seat to an older adult: If there are no seats left and you are on a couch or chair or on the bus or at a party and an older adult comes into the room, offer your chair to the adult. You might also go find a chair and bring it for the older adult.


Click on the link, download and print the *10 By 10 * list as a reminder!

10 By 10 Social Graces







It’s Friday…time for some fun!! You don’t need a “stiff upper lip” to drink tea….

Take 1

Take 1

Steven Colbert gets a lesson in drinking tea….click on the link below….





Drinking Tea

“As Grandpa Says” by Nick Harrison


Harvest House Publishers sent me a copy of Nick Harrison’s book, “As Grandpa Says,” for review and recommendation. I can unequivocally say this is a delightful book. I was struck by his honesty and his sense of adventure! (He’s a grandpa who wants a skateboard….)

From the first page to the last, you are welcomed and invited to share in the fullness of wisdom garnered by Nick Harrison who clearly adores his role as father and grandpa. Honesty and encouragement percolate through the pages of this delightful book. The combination of quotes, stories and scripture are like “a cord of three strands” connecting and reinforcing the anecdote.

The delicious artwork of Audrey Jeanne Roberts creates a perception of peace and contentment on each page.

A book to be read and reflected upon, to be shared and enjoyed, and to encourage remembering your own “grandpa” stories, this is a perfect gift for a beloved man in your life.

So pour a cup of tea and….Happy Reading!




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