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Are You a Tech-Savvy Grandparent? Not…


<Hi nammer this is Mitch>


Be still my beating heart!


I read the message twice. Oh my goodness, my nine year old grandson just texted me from his mom’s phone. (That phrase “texted me” still “sounds” funny when I say it out loud. I’ll get used to it I’m sure!)


I touched letters on my phone trying to compose a readable answer. My fingers refused to cooperate. Why was I hurrying, making mistakes, backspace, backspace,….what should I say?


I’ve had unsuccessful, well, more like embarrassing, forays into the “texting” world in the past. One day a young employee of mine was late. I admonished him for not letting me know he wasn’t going to be on time. Sorrowful big brown eyes looked up at me, and he said, “But I did. I texted you.” Oh geez.


“Honey, I don’t text! You’re gonna have to call me.” I hated to admit I wasn’t savvy. I didn’t understand the latest technology. Now he knew….the truth….I didn’t even know how to retrieve a text from my phone, let alone send one.


Since then, I’ve learned a little and practiced a bit.


One, lingering, nagging problem begging for a solution, though, is, how do I remember to keep my phone with me every moment of the day? That silly phone seems quite content to stay buried in the deep dark recesses of my purse where it never makes a peep.


And then, when I do think to retrieve it and set it out on the counter, I find myself walking by it several times a day, glancing sideways…checking it….just in case I have a text. BTW (that’s text message code for “by the way”….in case you didn’t know), I learned the “walk by and glance” trick observing expert texters! You can learn a lot by watching people. Of course, some of what you see, you wouldn’t want to imitate.




Now, once out in the open, the problem becomes, remembering to find the thing before I leave the house on an errand. My poor phone is like a neglected lover, habitually ignored!


I text back…….

<Hi Mitch. How are you? Did you have

basketball practice tonight.>


<Yes I had practice>

I’ve read articles warning grandparents if “you want to stay in touch with grandchildren these days, you have to become tech-literate: texting, ichatting, and of course, you must have a Facebook page.” Email is passé.


I assumed the article referred to junior high grandchildren, not fourth graders!


<Hi nammer Its hay. I love you>


And, certainly not first graders…..my seven year old granddaughter Hayley sent me a message! Oh joyous day! Instantly in touch with my grandchildren….even if it’s just a one-line text…. is pure pleasure, especially when we live three hours apart.


<Hi Hay. Grandpa and I love you too. What

did you do today>


Impressed with my recent texting conversations, I underestimated the shock, the fear that gripped my heart, when my mind wandered off into the land of “curiosity,” and I anticipated the next wave of technology.


Oh no, could I possibly successfully negotiate more than Skype, iChat, FaceTime, texting, Facebook, Twitter….is tele-transport on the horizon? Help…who’s gonna help me?

Are your parents or grandparents technologically challenged? How have you been able to help them?


I like these websites offering assistance:




(I sent myself a few of these helpful videos…. It’s really a clever format, I just wish they had a “large print” edition..LOL)




(Very helpful in translating text messages)




(This site has a section devoted to technology!)

10 Responses to “Are You a Tech-Savvy Grandparent? Not…”

  • Teresa Ambord:

    This article is great. I think I’m gonna steal it. Oh wait… I just texted it to my publisher… too late! Actually I have no knowledge of texting. But I do think you’ve inspired me to write something. You are so darn clever!

  • Phil Barker:

    Darling’, I am glad you are learning this stuff, and have the right kind of phone to really practice it. My 5 year old cell phone still flumaxes me, and texting is out of the question. But, now I can keep up with the kids…because of you. Love ya, “Nammer”!!!

  • Margie Colas:

    Several times while reading this latest blog I could hear you snort! Love you!

  • It is actually because of your influence I have pursued avenues of communication outside of the e-mail box. You have always pursued excellence in everything you do and this is no exception. Thank you for continuing to pursue your dream and letting us all know we can still learn.
    Love you,

    • Kate:

      Thank you Shirley! I know how much you delight in challenging yourself in new ways! Love that new Mahjong game Brad created from your gorgeous flower paintings!
      Love to you too!

  • Barbara Koski:

    I think that you are doing fantastically!!! You have this website, you know how to do Facebook, Twitter and now texting!!! Awesome! I just learned to text, but do not know to do Twitter (even though you showed me) and am a novice at Facebook. What a great way to connect with children and grandchildren:-) Impressive:-)!!

    • Kate:

      Barbara….I have a confession….(I have LOTS of help!)…My children are very helpful and I have the most wonderful webmaster….I email him the most elementary questions. Patiently, he answers each one…in language I can understand!
      Any which way we can connect with grandchildren is beyond delightful! Take care. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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