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There’s no place like Portland….a fascinating gourmet experience.

Portland, Oregon is a virtual epicurean wonderland ! And we are trying our best to take full advantage of all opportunites every time we have a chance to be there.

In our short visit, we were treated to fantastic Korean food at the Be Won on North 23rd Street in the heart of downtown Portland.


From their menu we were introduced to the different types of Korean food….

which can be divided into the following categories:

a rice porridge often served as a restorative, can include chicken, vegetables, beans, ginseng and mushrooms


pan fried vegetables or seafood; there are also pancake-like Jeon that consist of meat and vegetables integrated into a batter

Guk and Tang
soup made from a variety of different vegetables, meats and seafood

Chi-ge and Jeongol

traditional Korean stews and casseroles

Jim and Jorim
dishes of meat or fish simmered in many ingredients and spices


broiled or barbecued dishes


lightly seasoned fresh vegetables or wild green dishes


stir fried dishes made with variety of vegetables, seafood or meat


boiled rice, often garnished with beans, barley, millet or other grains to enhance flavor or nutritional value


kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish made with Korean cabbage, cucumbers or radishes with a mixture of other vegetables and seasonings, there are more than 160 kimchi varieties differentiated by region and ingredients

Check out their fantastic menu items at this site:


One evening, we had dinner at Hakatamon Restaurant next to the Beaverton Uwajimaya Asian Market. Hakatamon serves fresh udon noodles, made by hand by Chef Kato each day for the delicious udon soups. After we ate, we strolled through the incredible market with aisles full of speciality Asian groceries and gifts. A fantastic treat !


You can find out how the fascinating history of the Uwajimaya Market is connected to Northern California at this site…..


At our next stop, (one of our favorite chain restaurants), we ordered classical Chinese food. PF Changs is delightfully consistent in their presentation and quality. The Gluten Free Menu is quite extensive and even includes dessert ! There are several locations listed on their website:


For a treat, we found the Saint Honore Boulangerie in Lake Oswego. This French bakery features handcrafted French breads and pastries. Quiches, sandwiches, salads and soups are also on the menu. Two of us ordered the Choquettes….puffy baked pastry with pate a choux and dusted with rock sugar. Two of us decided on the Gateau….Gateau Orange and Gateau au Chocolate….both flourless cakes, rich and flavorful.


One of these beautiful spring days, we might try…..

An Epicurean Walking Tour


Bon Vivant and Happy Infusions,




I used to call for directions to a shop or restaurant.

Then I began googling to get directions.

But now, I have a new BFF (Best Friend Forever)….a GPS (Global Positioning System). The sound of it, Global Positioning System, is incredibly Sci-Fi or maybe Techie. I’m neither, so I like to say it and imagine that I am somewhere in the universe, and have no fear, because, this Global Positioning System knows the way to my home….wherever home is at the moment .


My Sweet Husband rented a car in Virginia with this NEVERLOSTGPS. I didn’t think we needed it, and I wasn’t sure it would be reliable, since this was a rented car.

But he likes the GPS we have in our van. Truthfully, the van GPS has saved our bacon several times in Portland, when we consistently miss the “slight left middle lane veer to the right” exit onto the next freeway! The GPS knows how to get us through downtown Portland…no easy task….and back on the right freeway!

We entered the Williamsburg motel address in the NEVERLOST. I continued to be mildly skeptical and kept the printed directions out of sight, folded neatly in my purse, just in case this GPS failed.

We had no trouble getting on the freeway from the airport, but when we got off and started having to find streets and make turns….which we occasionally missed…I was grateful to hear the words” recalculating route” emanating from the NEVERLOST !


On the day I went by myself for tea and shopping, hearing “recalculating route” and “when possible make a legal U turn” made me feel all warm and fuzzy… cared for, safe and secure. I knew I would get where I was going. No matter what mistakes I made, the NEVERLOST gently and continually recalculated my route trying to help me find my way. It never through up its hands and declared it was “so done” with me because I kept making wrong turns !

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we had a LIFE GPS. We enter our goal and begin our journey. With the first bad decision, and the next and the next, the device would “recalculate our route”. Modifying our mistakes, the LIFE GPS would alter our route constantly guiding us toward the intended goal.

Sounds like my relationship with my Lord ! Navigating life is difficult! I have made many wrong turns and gone down some crazy roads and always, gently and consistently, I see Him adjust and “recalculate my route”. Not in anger and disgust, only with love and patience, redirecting my mind and heart, and I am NEVERLOST ! Sometimes I’m late to the party, but I get there feeling safe and secure and beloved !

Happy Travels…. and have some tea along the way !





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