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A Perfect Proper Cup of Tea

This is a subject I have avoided. Most long time tea drinkers have their favorite brewing methods and it would be presumptuous of me to instruct them on the “How To’s” of steeping tea! And I guarantee there are probably as many techniques for the “perfect cup” of tea as there are tea drinkers!

However, if you are new to the world of “loose” tea…tea that doesn’t come in a bag with a little string and tag attached…then perhaps a few helpful hints will insure your success.

***Use loose tea*** Usually loose tea is better quality than tea in a tea bag. Broken leaves or leaf “dust” is what goes into tea bags.

***Add tea to teapot***Using an infuser or tea filter measure about one teaspoon per cup into the teapot. If you have a 4 cup teapot, you would add 4 teaspoons of tea. I usually add a little extra because I like a full bodied tea. You will have to experiment and decide how you like your tea. In some tea circles the loose leaves are deposited directly into the teapot and a strainer is used when pouring the tea into a cup. I prefer the filter or infuser method…much easier to clean and the tea doesn’t become bitter.

***Water and Time*** Heat the water to boiling for black tea & steep between 3-5 minutes.

Cool water slightly for Oolong tea and steep between 2-5 minutes. Oolong can be steeped again using the same leaves.

Cool water to about 180 degrees for green tea. Steep between 2-4 minutes.

If you are using a white tea you only need the temperature of the water to reach about 165 degrees and steep it between 3-7 minutes.

If you use water that is too hot for green or white tea, it will become bitter.

Milk, lemon, or sugar can be added if you desire. Milk is not generally added to green, Oolong or herbal teas.

Store unused tea leaves in an airtight container.

And now you have one method of making a perfect proper cup of tea! Make a pot of your favorite tea and enjoy!


Happy Infusions,



The Party Isn’t Over….


That’s right. The party isn’t over.

We continue to celebrate….January is National Hot Tea Month !! Yay !! Those windy, snowy days of winter draw us to hot beverages like children compelled to step in mud puddles. We love our hot chocolate, hot coffee, and of course, the most healthy choice, hot tea !!

Tea is no longer limited to those old flavorless paper tea bags. Our choices are bountiful and delightful. Tea from around the world is widely available on the internet, and, in bigger cities, tea rooms or tea shops specializing in loose tea offer a tantalizing selection.

This ancient beverage, believed by generations to improve a myriad of body and mental issues, has, in the last decade, been studied, researched and proven to have attributes contributing to enhanced health. (There is a lot of information about tea online, however, I highly recommend this site http://www.teausa.com/general/teaandhealth/218g.cfm ).

Apart from the scientific studies, I propose, that the time it takes for preparing, and the wait (infusion) that is required for tea to be ready to drink, affords us, in our hectic world, moments of respite. Instituting “tea time” releases us from the daily intensity of life and has to contribute to our health.

I have resolved to institute a little change in my tea times for 2010. I intend to choose one teapot a week from my eclectic collection. I’m starting the New Year with this whimsical Koi teapot made especially for me by an artist in Southern California.


I am dependent on tea times: mornings, afternoons and evenings. It’s my breathing space.

I encourage you to institute ” tea time” in your life, if you haven’t already, as part of your healthy resolutions for this New Year !

Happy Infusions in 2010 !!



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