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“I never quit trying…”

Our daughter and son in law have the two most well behaved playful pups !

Emma is a chocolate lab and Gracie is a Chihuahua/Schnauzer mix. Gracie’s motto is “I never quit trying”. Now that could refer to begging for one more morsel dropped from the table, or looking for her favorite orange ear plugs, or it could mean trying to steal the toy that Emma just caught !

DSC_0017 Emma and Gracie eagerly await the toss of the toy.

DSC_0012 Emma is incredibly agile and leaps to catch the toy !

DSC_0014 Gracie immediately rushes in for the interception……..

……determined to steal it away !

DSC_0031 Emma is victorious, but look at Gracie…she isn’t giving up, she’s still trying to get that toy !

Gracie and Arnold Palmer have a lot in common ! He once said, ” I’ve always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win.”

What a great motto ! May we always keep trying !

Happy Infusions,


From Fun and Funky to Fabulous !

Onour way to Portland to visit our precious kids, we found an absolutely adorable Retro Motel in Grants Pass, Oregon….

the Motel del Rogue…..IMG_1465http://moteldelrogue.com

Cutest little room with a kitchenette


and deck out back….


Great funky pink sun chairs……pink_sun_chairs

The sparkling Rogue River just right for wading……


For those quiet, glass of wine and a good book moments, a multitude of books to choose from…right out your front door !


And then there was the Fabulous HOTEL MURANO in Tacoma, Washington….http://hotelmuranotacoma.com

DSC_0029The Glass Art Treasures are stunning !

The lobby is filled with unusual glass works……DSC_0036

Fishing lures by Rick Beck….DSC_0033


The Danish Artist Vibeke Skov flew to the hotel to install these three incredible colored glass Viking ships.


A uniquely designed “art wall” on each of the twenty-one floors features a single artist and their original work.

The world of glass at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma is an experience we won’t forget !!

Happy Infusions,


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