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A Sweet Read…


Get your cuppa tea when you’re ready to read Cathy Elliott’s new cozy mystery, A Stitch in Crime. It’s a delightful who-done-it tale. Thea James, antique storeowner, is co-chair of Larkindale’s first quilt show pageant.

When the town’s matriarch is knocked-out, a diamond brooch stolen and a heritage quilt snatched, Thea resolves to bind up all the loose ends before something worse happens.

With a marvelous ensemble of characters, an adorable cat, humor and wit, Cathy Elliott weaves a story perfect for a quiet evening with that delicious cup of tea! I really enjoyed all the interactions of the small town characters…some so real it was like being there. And then there’s Cole Mason…a light touch of romance for Thea. A sweet read.

I’m anxious to read other books in the Quilts of Love Series.

“As Grandpa Says” by Nick Harrison


Harvest House Publishers sent me a copy of Nick Harrison’s book, “As Grandpa Says,” for review and recommendation. I can unequivocally say this is a delightful book. I was struck by his honesty and his sense of adventure! (He’s a grandpa who wants a skateboard….)

From the first page to the last, you are welcomed and invited to share in the fullness of wisdom garnered by Nick Harrison who clearly adores his role as father and grandpa. Honesty and encouragement percolate through the pages of this delightful book. The combination of quotes, stories and scripture are like “a cord of three strands” connecting and reinforcing the anecdote.

The delicious artwork of Audrey Jeanne Roberts creates a perception of peace and contentment on each page.

A book to be read and reflected upon, to be shared and enjoyed, and to encourage remembering your own “grandpa” stories, this is a perfect gift for a beloved man in your life.

So pour a cup of tea and….Happy Reading!




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