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My Hometown

Worth the price of admission….

Our family made our annual trek to McCloud for our Pumpkin Train trip this last weekend !


Riding in the open air car on the top deck, through the piney woods, our view was spectacular….


though a bit windy.


We delighted in being together on a train full of friendly, happy families….




We joyfully discussed how to find the exact, perfect pumpkin.


And we were transported by the magical sound of the train whistle….


Departing the train for the pumpkin patch, we left our faithful “guardian of stuff”….


and began the search for The Right Pumpkin…..


Studying the pumpkin possibilities is one approach….

another approach is checking to see how tough it is.


At last a selection is made…our rule is you have to be able to carry the pumpkin you choose !




And everyone agreed, it was worth the price of admission !!

Happy Pumpkin Days….have some tea and enjoy !





My “Honky Tonk” Man Sings at Maritime Restaurant

My “Honky Tonk Man” sang, ” Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” at the Maritime Restaurant & Bar on California Street in Redding. www.maritimeredding.com . Roger & Casey, friends from the Oregon Street Antique Mall (anewscafe.com/placeolder/oregon-street-antique-mall-2/), were guest bartenders at Maritime Friday night. We stopped by for a drink, and to say hi. Uni, owner of Maritime, ask Phil if he would sing. How did she know he could sing ? Maybe she randomly ask people if they would like to sing? I don’t know. She is very sweet and wants everyone to have a good time at her establishment.
I said, “He knows lots of country western tunes”.
Phil and Jimmy Bryant, the talented, and very accommodating musician who was playing that evening, decided on a Waylon Jennings tune. Phil is a gifted singer, but his audience is usually a church congregation, and he usually brings his guitar.

Phil has been singing since I’ve known him. And that’s a long time now. He’s always played a guitar or banjo and he’s always written songs. Whether he is working, driving, or plowing a field, he’s usually mulling over a “tune”.

He had lots of practice. He sang to our children every night at bedtime. Now, in their mid-twenties and early thirties, they have fond memories of his version of various Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, or Tim Harden tunes.

Jimmy asked Phil to send him some cowboy music so he’d be ready the next time we stopped by. I told you, he was accommodating ! Well, we just might hunt up some of those old “honky tonk” tunes…it was sure fun !

“Happy Trails To You”, and may all your infusions be fun,

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