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With my long time Sweet Husband I have: raised three extraordinary children, now all married to remarkable spouses, fed cattle in deep snow, doctored cows, horses, chickens, pigs, goats and sheep, driven a team of horses, made soap, spun wool, opened a tea room, had tea in a Ger in Mongolia, viewed the Three Gorges Dam in China and waved to the Queen of England. I have been an elementary school teacher and am an avid photographer. I am positively addicted to my grandchildren.


Blogging is a joy and I am currently writing an etiquette column for anewscafe.com.


My daughter Kassidy and I collaborated on a story-cookbook: Once Upon A Tea Room…Stories & Wisdom from Nammer Kathy. I wrote the stories, she took the pictures and we both contributed to the recipes! We are eagerly awaiting a publisher.


My next project is a novel…a romantic mystery set in Ozark Amish country. We have been friends with two wonderful Amish families in the Ozarks for over twenty years. This family makes the most delicious, wonderful sorghum I have ever had….I’ve been ordering it and having it shipped to California for as long as I’ve known them. They are also famous for their baked good…cookies, pies and other yummies! I always stop in to see them when I’m in the neighborhood.


I am a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, Oregon Christian Writers, Quills of Faith and the Writers Forum.


Happy Infusions,
Kate Barker
Facebook: Kathryn Barker
Twitter: Kathryn Barker4

8 Responses to “Bio”

  • what a great site and informative posts.

    • Kate:

      Thanks Elizabeth…I love your sight too! I am currently working on an Amish novel also. I have Amish friends in the Ozarks and they are so very precious to me. I look forward to staying connected!

  • Barbara Koski:

    You are so impressive! I had no idea that you had so many interesting hobbies, travels and most important of all, sweet friends that you mention in your blog. Was there any update on your Japanese friend?

    • Kate:

      Oh Barbara you’re too sweet…but thank you! Our Japanese friend is doing very well. He came to the U.S. in September (2011) and we visited him in Reno. He’s still active in business…and delightful as ever!

      • Yoshi Hatano:

        Dear Kathy, March 29th 2017

        I have been reading your BIO in Tea 4 Kate, I found your note January 23, 2012 talking about me to your friend.
        I was impressed I don’t know how I can say to you, just thank you reminding me when we were in Reno. We got out from air field right before a racing plane crassed, it was very close to that place.


      • Yoshi Hatano:

        Dear Kathy, dated March 29, 2017

        I have been resding BIO in Tea 4 Kate, I found your note January 23, 2012 to Barbara about your Jpanese friend.
        You were talking about me to Barbara.
        I was impressed I don’t know how I can sya to you, just thank you for reminding me when we were in Reno.
        Fortunely we got out from Reno racing air port right before a racing plane crassed, it was near by four of us seats.


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