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2019…New Year…New Thinking

New Year…New Thinking



This is a year of transition for me. My thinking is changing…slowly. Adjusting to “what is” rather than “what I wish it was,” has involved surrendering my thought patterns. Not easy for me. Even after my husband passed I continued to think in terms of “we,” of the way “we” did things. “Our” dreams, “our” plans for the future, “our” way of handling issues that sprouted. I clung to carrying on in “our” tradition. I was frightened of changing what “we” had established.


My sweet neighbor who’s been a widow for over ten years said to me one day, “That was the way the two of you handled it, but you can make a different decision.” What a concept. Such thinking had not entered my mind. After all, we’d been “we” for over forty-nine years.


Perculating for months, this thought, began to take hold, but not without severe bouts of tears and wrestling and wondering and fear. I’m still processing and considering and allowing myself the freedom to imagine life as “me,” not as “we.” Without a partner, alone and solely responsible for my life’s decisions. So when the word transition came to mind, I knew at once it was My Word for 2019.


How about you? What is your One Word for 2019? I’d love to hear if you have one and how you came to choose it.



2 Responses to “2019…New Year…New Thinking”

  • Your word choice is meaningful for this time. I do like the ONE WORD concept and have been doing this for a few years now. My 2019 word is JOY….I want to focus more on the joys of life and not the worries as I seem to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Prayers and blessings!

  • Hi Sherida,

    So sweet of you to stop by, read and comment!! Thank you!!

    I love JOY as a word to focus on! I’m sure you’ll bury your worries with joy and soon you’ll be rejoicing on a mountaintop!

    Blessings to you too!! And, thanks again for stopping by! Have a Tea-riffic week!

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