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Cut it up, make a cuppa, take a break & meditate….


My new all time favorite quote…and I made it up myself after a particularly harrowing week….


When life hands you a lemon, cut it up, make tea, take a break and meditate!


So, you probably guessed that my day/week/month was less than auspicious . I’m sure you’ve had those days, weeks, months….hopefully not years…when “it” goes from bad to worse.


When no matter how much or how hard or how long you’ve prayed, “things” just aren’t working out. That proverbial lemon drops from the sky, misses your skull, but lands in YOUR lap …uninvited, unwanted, and uncompromising.



Now, a whole lemon is only useful for decoration or zesting.

And if not consumed, deterioration ensues.


My solution: Cut it up…make a cuppa tea….take a break….and meditate.



A sliced lemon bursting with tartness suggests possibilities.


A problem carved up, divided, chopped and diced reveals solutions.


Tea is my respite in life. The ritual of boiling water, placing whole tea leaves in an infuser, steeping and then sipping the brew is my hiatus from chaos. In suspending reality for moments, the impossible is diluted, the possible clarified and I remind myself there are better days ahead! 


Have a tea-lightful day….and remember…cut that lemon up, make a cuppa, take a break and meditate!


I had to share this adorable video…..Maddie Grace Sings Lemon Drop

4 Responses to “Cut it up, make a cuppa, take a break & meditate….”

  • Nora:

    I love your new saying! I love the imagery of dealing with life’s lemons when they’re cut into managable pieces, and I always feel better after taking a break and meditating. You said that all beautifully!

    And the Lemon Drop song is precious! My favorite line is, “I’m sucking on the bitter to get to the sweet part”! Amen! 🙂

    • Kate:


      Thank you for coming by! Glad you enjoyed the song too. I like the “bitter to sweet” analogy, it’s like taking bad tasting medicine to get better.

      Hope all is well with you my friend…as you might have guessed, it’s been a little crazy around here!

      Blessings, Kate

  • Oh, Kate! I’m smiling at this uplifting post. Great insights and advice, lady! Nora’s comment above slices it right. 🙂 And thank you for pointing us toward the Maddie Grace song – cute-cute!

    • Kate:

      Cathy….thanks for your thoughts. Looking forward to having a cuppa tea with you! Glad you enjoyed Maddie Grace too…she’s adorable!

      Bless you, Kate

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