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Backyard Baby Chicks….

The baby chicks are now at the feed stores …..they are adorable !

When we lived on the ranch, we ordered chicks from the midwest. We bought some at the feed store too, but you could find more exotic chickens from a catalog. Our local Post Office would call us to come pick up our box of babies (chicks).

We kept them in the house by our heater for a few days with a heat lamp. Our daughters adored this arrangement. They would bound out of bed in the mornings and hold baby chicks before having to get ready to catch the school bus.

Depending on the outside temperatures, we eventually moved them to the nice little secure pen with a heat lamp in the chicken house. By the time they were hens, they were quite tame.

Our children have backyard chickens and our granddaughter loves to hold them.

She has two that she is especially fond of….this is Dora….Hayley__her_chicken

I’ve been contemplating, once again, about having a few Backyard Chickens….but then I also think about turning my front yard into a vegetable garden and my pool into a cement pond with catfish. I’m not sure I was meant to be a neighborhood resident. All those darn CC&R’s !

4 Responses to “Backyard Baby Chicks….”

  • Oh my goodness, it’s so great to catch up a bit on your blog posts. I’ve not been a very good follower the last few months, but I always enjoy reading up on your adventures, stories, and all the goodness you share. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Miss you a whole lot, Angela.

    • Kate:

      So good to hear from you! I know about trying to find the time to keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there…yours included! Miss you too…and your family!
      Take care and blessings, Kate

  • We are raising our 3rd batch of hens — love the “girls” and all the delicious fresh eggs. Nothing quite like the entertainment value of a dozen squabbling chickens — we don’t miss cable. 😉

    • Kate:

      Oh, lucky you…all those fresh eggs! I just love chickens….the Easter Bunny added a few baby chicks to our grandchildrens flock.
      Integrating them is a bit of a challenge, but doable! Thanks for sharing Erin!

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